Air & Sea Cargo Americas

Enero 14, 2016

1 – 3 November, 2017/ Air & Sea Cargo Americas will bring together top executives from all sectors of the aviation, maritime and logistics industries to exchange views and experiences to enhance the growth of the cargo industry in the Western Hemisphere. Airports, seaports, exporters, shipping lines, freight forwarders, shippers, importers, consignees, equipment and technology suppliers, among others, will interact, exchanging ideas and information. Topics will include security, regional consolidation, manufacturer and shipper needs in high growth cargo, trade facilitation, improving productivity, speed and service quality, responding to market changes and demands from shippers, consolidators and forwarders, and controlling costs while streamlining customer services.

Lugar: Miami Airport & Convention Center, Miami, Florida.

Link: http://www.seacargoamericas.com/

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