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Delta Airlines Adding 25K Jobs Over Next 5 Years Says CEO


If you are looking for a new job "” you might want to look up!

Edward Bastian CEO of Delta Airlines telling an audience Wednesday at the Detroit Economic Club that the airline is in the process of hiring 25,000 workers over the next five years.

He said since 9/11 the airline industry went through a lost decade "” where hiring was stagnant. Now, he says, employees are getting older and retiring.

For some jobs though, the competition is tough.

"We are in the process today of hiring a 1,000 flight attendants to start work, just in the upcoming several months," said Bastian. "We had over 155,000 applications."

But Bastion says they are hiring at every level of the airline, while some require advanced degrees, there are many jobs for those without a four-year degree…

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