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Myrtle Beach airport eyes 19 new direct-flight destinations


The Myrtle Beach International Airport is planning to dangle several financial incentives to expand the Grand Strand tourism market to snowbirds as far west as Denver and as far north as Albany, New York.

The list of other new target markets includes Houston, Texas; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Peoria or Bloomington, Illinois; South Bend, Indiana; Islip, New York; Nashville, Tennessee; Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia; Flint, Michigan; White Plains, New York; Trenton, New Jersey; Knoxville, Tennessee; Kansas City, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Rockford, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Providence, Rhode Island.

The expansion plans come on the heels of the airport"™s September report that shows passenger numbers increased nearly five percent over September 2016 numbers…

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