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Southwest Airlines Says It’s Finally Flying to Hawaii


Looking for an affordable flight to Hawaii? The search will get a bit easier starting next year.

Low-cost airline Southwest is expanding its service to Hawaii in 2018, the carrier announced Wednesday, a move that has been speculated on for years by customers and industry-watchers alike.

Southwest"™s decision to fly to Hawaii could have an impact on overall ticket prices to the state, according to the company"™s executive vice president, Andrew Watterson.

"On average, our fares will be lower than theirs or bring down the market price. That"™s called the "˜Southwest Effect,’" he said, according to Hawaii News Now. "Low costs come from very efficient operations. We pay our people well, but we work them hard and we work the airplanes hard. So that leads to low costs so we have lower than our competitors so we"™ll be able to bring lower ticket prices”…

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