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The Airline with the Most Legroom Is This Little-Known Carrier
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The Airline with the Most Legroom Is This Little-Known Carrier

Wondering what"™s the airline with the most legroom? Seat pitch, the distance from any point on an airline seat to the corresponding point of the seat in the next row, is the most reliable measure of total front-to-rear seat space, and therefore legroom.

These days, the average economy seat pitch is 30 to 31 inches on the "Big Three" U.S. airlines (American, Delta, and United), 28 to 30 inches on low-fare lines, and 32 to 33 inches on some niche carriers. Seat pitch on transatlantic airlines is usually about the same; the average is a bit higher on transpacific lines.
But talking about averages skirts the fact that each big airline operates dozens of different types of planes, often without one standardized seat pitch. Newer planes may have different-pitch seats than older ones, and pitch can change when planes are refurbished. Given those uncertainties, we can identify only a few lines on which you can rely on an above-average pitch for any and all flight"”and there"™s one clear winner for the title of the airline with the most legroom in North America.

The Airline with the Most Legroom
With 34 inches of seat pitch across all its planes, Interjet is the unexpected airline with the most legroom. The Mexico-based, low-cost carrier flies from a handful of U.S. cities to lots of destinations in Mexico, plus a few in Central and South America, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Guatemala. Interjet operates Airbus A320s and Sukhoi SU9 Superjets, and says it foregoes about 30 seats on each plane to give its passengers more space.

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