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Aerospace Big Data Barcelona
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Aerospace Big Data Barcelona

05 – 06 Diciembre 2019/ Fundamentally, big data is nothing new for the aerospace industry. Sensors have been collecting data to optimize operations, maintenance and training for years.

Next generation aircraft have IoT (internet of things) at their core and feature advanced sensors capable of generating terabytes of data. Airlines are beginning to recognize the value of effectively analysing the data, coupling it with the latest communications systems to make their maintenance programs pre-emptive instead of reactive.

Most of the industry agrees big data offers tangible benefits, especially where operational, maintenance and cost efficiencies are concerned. However, the problem to date has come through the interpretation and exchange of the data – how do we identify which patterns are and are not relevant, and how do we use that to deliver a real benefit? Moreover, can the industry establish a collaborative model that will allow a continual flow of data between the stakeholders?

The conference gathers the MRO ecosystem including OEM’s, data and IT experts to discuss advancements in predictive maintenance strategies and how airlines can best utilise data and emerging technologies to maximise the benefits of predictive maintenance. Industry experts will discuss the evolving landscape and opportunities for the future including how we work ‘smarter’ with all the digital elements and ensure parts are received on time. Attendees will gain new insights on the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats as well as take practical solutions around scalability challenges e.g. workforce shortages and technology investments.

Lugar: Barcelona, España.

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