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IBA"™s online tool "˜JetData"™ delivers insight to the aviation industry"™s stakeholders.

mayo 27, 2015

According to the International Bureau of Aviation (IBA), deals within the aviation industry are now subjected to even greater scrutiny to safeguard the interests of investors and owners. It has become a data intensive environment to satisfy the stringent reviews of credit committees and other risk analyst"™ teams. Understandably so, considering the money invested in aircraft transactions and throughout every aircraft"™s economic life.

"Since its inception in 1988, IBA has accrued a unique knowledge of the aviation market and its dynamic" says Alice Gondry, who heads IBA"™s publications and data services. "IBA is uniquely placed to provide expert commercial aircraft data to the industry"™s stakeholders to substantiate their business decisions."

Around the clock live data provision is assured via IBA"™s online valuation system, Jet Values 2, and its online commercial aircraft database, JetData. A dedicated team of analysts work on JetData to capture every aircraft transaction that occurs in the aviation market.

"Currently, our database encompasses in excess of 30,000 aircraft with over 125,000 historical lines, and the applications of IBA"™s analytical tool are varied" she adds. "Airlines in particular have used JetData to investigate which aircraft are coming to the end of their lease and becoming available to source additional capacity. No business wants to do this at the last minute, so having the right tool to monitor the market"™s availability and cost fluctuations is crucial."

Using IBA"™s JetData, MROs look at average aircraft utilisation trends for aircraft types and assess those regions where demand for their services will arise. Aircraft spare part"™ suppliers keep a watch on aircraft being scrapped and identify susceptible part-out candidates. Credit committees can determine an airline"™s profile from looking at its current fleet and order book status, as well as lessor"™ portfolios in size and values, and keep a watchful eye on the aircraft they have a vested interest in. Potential investors are able to examine transactions to see which aircraft appear to offer the most liquidity, judging by the level of trade affecting them.

Alice continues "IBA also integrates in-house data to answer specific ad-hoc customer enquiries and support the increasingly inquisitive nature of the industry. For instance, we have recently conducted an extensive analysis of remarketing time and aircraft placement following operator"™ failures. Other IBA investigations have included tracking fleet ownership in support of legal disputes, but also tracking aircraft movements to determine an airline"™s status."

With JetData, alongside its online valuation system and values book, IBA"™s comprehensive data services deliver market intelligence to the aviation industry and support its stakeholders in making better informed decisions.

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