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IATA’s regional events are held across the Americas countries. Those events are the perfect opportunity to network with Aviation industry experts.

Aviation Day Panama

IATA, ACI, AAC, ALAP & ALTA have joined forces to host an Aviation Day Panama. The goal of the event was to bring together industry experts, senior airline and airport executives, and government authorities to discuss aviation’s largest opportunities and key challenges across Panama.

View the official event photos at Aviation Day Panama album


  • For content information, please access the latest agenda in spanish.

Press Release & Key media coverage

  • IATA Calls for Open Dialogue between Government and Industry in Panamá (English and Spanish).
  • Media coverage (pdf)


  •  Download the complete presentations from the event (pdf).

New country report for Panama

Magic of Aviation video for Panama


Aviation Summit Mexico

The Aviation Summit Mexico took place in Mexico City on 28 February and gathered experts to discuss aviation opportunities and key challenges.

View the official event photos at Aviation Summit album.


  • For content information, please access the latest agenda (pdf)

Press Release & Key media coverage

  • IATA Urges Government – Industry Dialogue in Mexico (English and Spanish).
  • IATA – Critica alternativa del Gobierno para el NAIM (Spanish).


  • Download the complete presentations from the event (pdf)

New country report for Mexico

  • View the value of air transport report for Mexico: English and  Spanish.

Benefits of Aviation video for Mexico

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