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Aerocivil, IATA, Airbus ProSky team in Colombia

junio 24, 2015

Airline industry body IATA has contracted Airbus ProSky to redesign the airspace of Bogota International airport, aligned with international best practices and ICAO regulations.

With more than 27 million passengers annually, El Dorado International Airport is one of the world"™s 50 busiest airports and in order to increase efficiency at and around the airport, Colombia"™s ANSP Aerocivil is investing in airspace and ground optimisation that will prepare its airspace for tomorrow"™s demands.

In addition to its expertise in Performance Based Navigation (PBN) airspaces implementation, Airbus ProSky will utilise fast time and real time simulation tools such as its cutting-edge Shared Virtual Sky (SVS) platform that were first developed for SESAR JU demonstration projects.

The key to success will be to deliver a new concept of operations and provide operational training before the new airspace goes live. Coupled with its partnership with Aerocivil for the implementation of an Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) advanced solution, this implementation makes Airbus ProSky the prime partner for large airspace optimisation programmes.

Aerocivil stated: "Bogota International Airport, as one of the major hubs of Latin America for passengers and cargo traffic, is facing a tremendous growth. We are confident that our work with IATA and Airbus ProSky will prepare an efficient and sustainable airspace that will meet future air traffic demands over the coming years while we are expecting the implementation of the new airport."

"IATA is proud to be part of a successful partnership to enhance and modernize El Dorado International Airport. IATA is always looking for opportunities where combining our expertise we can improve air travel for customers and airlines," said Peter Cerda, IATA"™s regional vice president for the Americas…

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