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Jet fuel prices in region drop by 49.2 per cent in a year

agosto 24, 2015

This is the largest fall in five years as prices fell in Europe also by 47.6 per cent

Jet fuel prices fell last July by 15.6 per cent to $59.8 per barrel in the Middle East and Africa, according to IATA’s jet fuel index.

The prices of jet fuel recorded the largest fall in five years as the price of a barrel of jet fuel dropped by 49.2 per cent in the Middle East, making it the most dramatic fall worldwide, UAE-based Al-Khaleej Newspaper reports.

IATA’s index points out that the Middle East and Africa region recorded the lowest price last year ($59.8 per barrel), while jet fuel prices in Europe dropped by the end of July by 47.6 per cent to $64.1 per barrel and recorded a drop by 15.5 per cent during July only…

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