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International Bureau of Aviation concludes that additional maintenance costs are close to $2 billion as aircraft acquisition favours operating leases

septiembre 24, 2015

International Bureau of Aviation (IBA) has analysed the typical key redelivery conditions and estimates that each redelivery of a single aisle aircraft at eight years old adds approximately $1.65mUSD to the maintenance costs for an airline over and above the basic MPD (Maintenance Planning Document) requirements. This figure can be over $3mUSD for a twin aisle aircraft.

These disquieting facts have been derived from research conducted with airlines and MROs during a programme of Maintenance Cost Workshops that IBA has supervised globally in association with MRO Network throughout the year.

Operating Leasing adds costs to the overall mix because airlines have to provide aircraft in a condition that generally supersedes “airworthiness-only” condition, attaining a condition suitable for re-use at time of redelivery for the next operator.

IBA’s maintenance cost benchmarking exercises combined with its own studies shows clearly that the true overall MRO spend is greatly increased from the basic requirements that are driven by the OEM MPD.

“Maintenance tasks are brought forward during the redelivery phase so the airline meets the commercially negotiated conditions for redelivery. It is inevitable that these tasks, as well as observations made by lessors’ representatives at the redelivery, add to the scheduled maintenance costs “says Phil Seymour, Chief Executive Officer at IBA…


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