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Mitsubishi MRJ Delayed for Another Year

enero 4, 2016

Mitsubishi Aircraft and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have extended the development schedule of the MRJ regional jet by another year following their recognition of “several issues” during the course of engineering work with experts in the U.S., the companies announced Thursday. Consequently, expected first delivery to Japan’s All Nippon Airways has shifted to the second quarter of 2018, nearly five years later than the original target date set at program launch in 2008.

The announcement comes only a month and a half after the first MRJ prototype made its maiden flight from Nagoya Airport in Japan. Since then the companies announced that the airplane flew at least two more times, on November 19 and November 27.

The last program schedule called for certification in the second quarter of 2017, a date that remained unchanged following the last two delays to first flight. In April the companies announced a delay from the spring to “September or October” due to a need to review the structural strength of the ram air turbine (RAT) and address certain software bugs. Then, in the last week of October a problem with the MRJ’s rudder pedal forced the new regional jet’s manufacturer to reschedule first flight for the week of November 9. It finally took to the air on November 11.

“The first flight and the subsequent flight tests have confirmed the basic characteristics to be satisfactory,” said the companies in a statement released Thursday. “However, we also have recognized several issues as we attempt to accelerate our development. “Specifically, in the progress of our engineering work together with experts in the United States, we have made additions to and revisions of test items in order to complete a better-integrated aircraft. These have been reflected in the new delivery schedule. In addition, we have undertaken an overall review with our partners, and reflected this in our development schedule”…

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