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EasyJet investigated by Italian aviation authorities after plane landed on wrong runway at Pisa airport

enero 8, 2016

Italy’s aircraft accident investigation agency, the National Agency for the Safety of Flight (ANSV), said in a statement it is investigating Wednesday morning’s ‘improper landing’, which occurred at the end of a two-hour flight.

The runway was closed a week before the incident, with a NOTAM (notice to airmen) from 23 December informing airlines it is available as a taxiway only, Flightglobal reported.

The website said weather conditions and visibility were good when the easyJet flight landed.

In a statement, an easyJet spokesperson told MailOnline Travel: ‘easyJet can confirm that flight EZY1847 from Manchester to Pisa landed on runway 04R instead of 04L which was the operational runway at the time.
‘The aircraft landed safely and routinely and all works had been completed on runway 04R at this time…

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