Fathom adds goodwill activities in Dominican Republic

enero 14, 2016

Fathom, Carnival Corp.’s new social-impact brand, said it has developed four new activities for Dominican Republic cruises.Fathom will start cruising in April.

The activities include improving homes and common areas in impoverished communities; working with special-needs rehabilitation therapy patients; assisting arts-and-crafts entrepreneurs at a women’s cooperative; and connecting one-on-one in the homes of Dominican host families.

In the host family activity, travelers will spend the day at home, helping local families polish their English language skills, while discussing local community assets that could be leveraged for future tourist income and ideas for potential microbusinesses that might expand the earning potential of families.

The arts-and-crafts option involves interaction with groups of women who have formed an association to make arts and crafts made of locally recycled paper…

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