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American Airlines Brings Back Free Snacks in Coach

febrero 3, 2016

American Airlines Group Inc. has followed United Airlines in providing free snacks for economy passengers after more than a decade without them.
American, the world’s biggest carrier, began offering Biscoff cookies on flights departing before 9:45 a.m. Monday on routes between New York’s Kennedy airport and Los Angeles and San Francisco, and between Miami and Los Angeles. Flights later in the day will carry the cookies or pretzels. The snacks will return to the coach cabin of all flights April 4.

The resumption comes after American reported a record $6.3 billion profit for 2015, helped by a plunge in the cost of jet fuel. With fares already low because of increased competition from discount airlines, American is improving service to attract fliers.

“We really want to take that money back and invest it into all of our customers,” said Laura Nedbal, an American spokeswoman. “We really want to offer our customers more choice.”

The goodies are reappearing on the same day that United began serving a Dutch confection known as the stroopwafel free to coach passengers. All four major airlines now have free snacks in coach…

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