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AIX 2016: SITAONAIR takes on-board digital transformation to next level

abril 5, 2016

SITAONAIR is set to showcase how digital interactions can transform the passenger experience at AIX 2016.

The company will demonstrate how through connected apps, an airline delivers improved and more personal interactions between its passengers, its cabin crew and its pilots by pushing relevant contextualized information to their mobile device during their journey.

SITAONAIR has tuned its applications to identify – at an individual level – what information they need and at what time during the flight. This has been done through the use of historical data combined with specific event from passenger to the crew.

François Rodriguez, SITAONAIR’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, said: “This will help the travel sector more quickly adopt best practices of the hospitality industry. This industry learned that by leveraging new technologies and digital transformation to understand more about their returning guests they could create an even better tailored customer experience that is more enjoyable. This is exactly what is about to happen for the airline industry too.”

To demonstrate the full potential of this next phase in the connected aircraft’s digital transformation, SITAONAIR has created a series of 360-degree animations, running on a smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) system.

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