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Airplane Cleaning Robot recognized by Industry’s Crystal Cabin Awards

marzo 9, 2017

Dimer LLC has announced the release of its mobile sanitizing robot for airplane interiors, “GermFalcon”. Using only ultraviolet-C (UVC) light, the kind used in hospitals, the highly-effective germ killing device is mobile
and compact — no larger than a flight attendant’s food and beverage cart.

Dimer believes routine airplane sanitization will give boarding passengers a sense of comfort
that their seats were sanitized.

Designed to easily navigate an airplane cabin, the GermFalcon uses Dimer’s patented UVC delivery system to reach all passenger surfaces. GermFalcon wings extend over seats and under bins with strategically positioned UVC lamps that instantly kill infectious bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in surrounding air. With its wings spread over
each row of seats, it’s easy to see where the GermFalcon gets its name. Dimer engineers have shown the ability to achieve a 99.99% kill on all commonly touched surfaces during refueling.

“We subscribe to the idea that if your kid is sick 2 days into a vacation, you don’t care how fast your in-flight wifi was,” said Dimer co-founder Elliot Kreitenberg. “Overall, GermFalcon will make the passenger experience even more comforting.”

Dimer believes their mobile and versatile design will seamlessly translate from airplanes to other areas that need quick, thorough sanitization.

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