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Here’s what U.S. airline passengers care about most when flying

agosto 7, 2017

Some profit-hunting airlines have sought to lure travelers into business and first class with comfy lounges, fancy cocktails and high-speed internet connections.

Most travelers could care less; they’re watching their own bottom line.

A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll out this week showed that 83% of Americans put ticket prices chief among their considerations when booking personal tickets, topping travel perks and even an airline’s reputation.

Some 60% of those polled said they would not pay extra to avoid being assigned a middle seat. About 52% said they would not pay more to fly on their preferred airline.

While more perks have been introduced to differentiate higher-priced ticket options, the airlines are not ignoring the other end of the spectrum.

Within the last several months, the largest U.S. carriers have all introduced versions of a no-frills, bare economy fare. Basic fares on American Airlines AAL, +0.49% , Delta Air Lines DAL, +0.08% and United Airlines UAL, +1.06% will buy a spot in the main cabin, but with no advanced seat assignment and no option to upgrade the ticket.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey found evidence of distrust of big airlines among passengers. About 53% of respondents believe airlines prioritize profits over passenger safety…

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