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Latin America and Caribbean airlines passenger Traffic Up 6.1% in April 2018

junio 12, 2018

The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) announced today that Latin American and Caribbean airlines carried 20.6 million passengers in April 2018 and increased 6.1% (1,193,015 more passengers) compared to the previous year. (see table 1)

Traffic measured in RPK grew 8.2% and capacity (ASK) increased 8.4%, bringing up the load factor to 81.7% (0.2 percentage points lower than in April 2017).

Traffic to/from Latin America & Caribbean

Latin America and Caribbean airlines carried 2.1 million passengers to and from Latin America and the Caribbean in April 2018 and up 8.7% from the previous year. (see table 2) Traffic measured in RPK grew 8.4% and capacity (ASK) increased 11.2%, bringing the load factor to 81.7%.

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