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Airline that hasn’t flown a single passenger in 27 years may take off


For a long time Baltia"‹ Air was known as the joke airline of the industry.

The company was registered for 27 years and owned one of the biggest jets in the world but it never flew a passenger, sold a seat or delivered any cargo. It was even forced to sell its only plane – a Boeing 747 – in 2016.

But now, Baltia Air is rebranding as USGlobal Airways and, according to its website, hopes to become America’s “premier international and customer-centric carrier”.

While Baltia Air was based at John F Kennedy Airport, USGlobal Airways has relocated to at Stewart International Airport, a northerly suburb of New York City.

In May US Global Airways CEO Anthony Koulouris told Forbes about his plans to begin Paris and Tel Aviv flights from New York in 2018.

“I’m a businessman,” Koulouris told the publication. “I try to find things that don’t exist. I would not fly over the Atlantic with a narrowbody. I am not looking to pile people in.

“We want to create our own signature style,” he said. “Right now, the key is to become operational.”

However, before it can start selling tickets, the airline has to get certification from the Federal Aviation Authority.


Founded in August 1989, the company’s former director, Igor Dmitrowsky"‹, had planned to operate the first service between New York’s JFK Airport, USA and Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia.

However, the airline never got off the ground and it continued to exist for years without making any revenue…

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