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American Airlines is first retrofit customer for Airbus"™ new Airspace XL luggage bins on its A321 fleet


American Airlines (AAL) has chosen Services by Airbus to provide cabin upgrades for 202 of its A321s in-service "“ the largest retrofit project in Airbus history. The airline will be the first retrofit customer for Airbu"™ new Airspace XL bins. The larger bins provide a 40 percent increase in storage space for carry-on bags, reducing bin crowding and the need to check bags at the gate, allowing a more relaxed boarding experience to both passengers and cabin crews.

"Thanks to this Airbus cabin retrofit, passengers on American Airline"™ A321s will be able to board faster and will enjoy an overall improved travel experience," said Laurent Martinez, Head of Services by Airbus. "This is exactly the type of added-value that our services can bring to airlines. This contract is a major step for Airbus into the US services market, and we are grateful to American Airlines for their trust in our expertise."

The upgrades are part of a project which will standardise American Airline"™ A321s with a common seat count and interior, providing passengers with a consistent travel experience. New production A321s for American Airlines will also be equipped with Airspace XL bins.

Airbu"™ Global Services Forecast projects that over the next 20 years the commercial aircraft upgrades services market will be worth US$180 billion, driven in part by high competition between airlines who value the "˜passenger experience"™ as a differentiator (comfort, connectivity, etc.), as well as systems upgrades. Fourteen percent of this demand will come from North America.

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