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American rolls out new bag tracking and alert feature for passengers


American Airline"™ passengers are set to get more and better insight into their checked baggage as it routes through the airline"™s network.

The company today officially launched Customer Baggage Notification (CBN), an enhanced tracking and alert feature to notify passengers of the status of their checked luggage if the bag is not on the same aircraft when they land at their destination. CBN has been active for a few days, but today represents its official launch.

To receive alerts, customers can use the American Airlines app, sign up for an AAdvantage® account or provide contact information during booking or check-in.

CBN does not require that a traveler have the app installed on their mobile device. "We will use push notification if they have the app, and if they don"™t we"™ll use another form of contact information found on their AAdvantage account," says the airline…

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