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LATAM Cargo gets Wipro’s CROAMIS for digital transformation


Leading cargo carrier of Latin America LATAM Cargo gets Wipro’s next generation CROAMIS information technology system for the carrier’s total digital transformation. Wipro’s CROAMIS automates end-to-end air cargo processes and will equip LATAM Cargo with the most sophisticated end-to-end air cargo management system in Latin America.

The new system will be implemented gradually and is expected to be completely deployed by 2020. With the introduction of CROAMIS LATAM Cargo"™s customers will enjoy the convenience of a new tracking system, more and better self-service tools such as e-booking, e-claims, e-rates and a system that meets the highest industry standards.

The new system will replace the various cargo management systems in use today with a single system that will include all business functionalities, from planning to money collection. "One of the most important and ambitious projects in our history,” that’s how LATAM Cargo describes the strategic project. Once the deployment is completed, towards the end of 2020, LATAM Cargo will have one of the industry"™s most modern and sophisticated system platforms…

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