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United Airlines launches shortest flight in the US, from San Francisco to Santa Rosa


United Airlines have announced a new route which is set to become America’s shortest.

Flying from Sonoma County to San Francisco, it will take a speedy 16 minutes, from wheels up to wheels down.

The flight, which covers just over 100km, will operate three times a week. And while you’ll only spend 16 minutes in the air, United will allocate 45 minutes for the trip in its schedule.

Despite the 101 taking in the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito and the rolling green hills and beautiful beaches of Marin County on the Sonoma approach over a 90 minute drive, sometimes it just isn’t worth risking the traffic when you could be sipping some of the best wines in the county, and indeed country, by the time the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean on a Friday evening.

Besides which, the birds-eye view of Golden Gate is no less spectacular…

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