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United States to ban some airline passengers from carrying electronics after ‘terror threat’


According to an Associated Press report, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly talked to lawmakers over the phone on the weekend to brief on a security issue, thought to have in part prompted the incoming ban.

In messages posted on both Twitter and Facebook and now deleted, the global carrier said cellphones and electronic devices needed for medical reasons could be carried on-board, but everything else had to be stowed in checked baggage «following instructions from the concerned US departments».

Royal Jordanian Airlines didn’t specify which USA departments instructed this ban, or specify whether the ban was temporary or permanent.

Cell phones and medical devices would still be permitted, Royal Jordanian said.

Devices including laptops, tablets, cameras, and DVD’s can only be put in checked bags.

These changes are as a result of a security concern relating to passengers on non-stop flights from certain Middle Eastern countries, an unnamed U.S. official told CNN’s Jon Ostrower.

The prohibition will begin starting with flights departing to and arriving from New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal.

Hours after it first tweeted the information, however, the tweet was deleted.

It’s not known if Homeland Security is responding to a specific threat, or if the measures are as part of a wider effort to bolster aviation security…

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