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Avianca holdings S.A. holds no interest in Avianca Argentina


In response to some news versions that associate Avianca Holdings S.A. with Avianca Argentina, the company would like to clarify that Avian Lineas Aereas S.A., commercially known as Avianca Argentina, is an investment of Synergy Group, which holds no interest in Avianca Holdings S.A.

Following this statement, it is important to clarify that:

· Avianca Argentina is therefore not a subsidiary, affiliate or part of Avianca Holdings S.A.

· Neither Avianca Holdings S.A. nor its affiliates or subsidiaries have routes within the Republic of Argentina.

· The latter notwithstanding, Avianca S.A. "“ a member of Avianca Holdings S.A. "“ will maintain the flights that cover the Bogota "“ Buenos Aires "“ Bogota itinerary, as well as the Lima "“ Buenos Aires "“ Lima itinerary, without any modification.

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