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Ryanair reverses 5 years of Irish airport declines


The world"™s leading international scheduled airline Ryanair has released its 2015 Irish traffic numbers to December 29, showing a reversal of five years of Irish airport traffic declines, having delivered 70% of all traffic growth at Cork, Dublin, Knock and Shannon airports in 2015 "“ a record growth year for Irish tourism.

The airline says that Irish airport"™ traffic growth rose by 3.3m passengers to 29.8m last year, delivering 13.1m passengers (44% of total) and also accounting for 2.2m (70%) of the 3.3m traffic increase. [Ryanair carried more than 86.3m international passengers in 2014 and is forecasting another increase in 2015 when the full numbers are in-Ed].

Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely said: "Before the various tourism bodies claim undue credit for a record year for Irish tourism, Ryanair is pleased to release its 2015 Irish traffic numbers, which show that Ryanair on its own delivered 70% of the growth at the main Irish airports this year, thanks to the Government"™s decision to scrap the air travel tax…

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