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Frankfurt-based ground handler Global GSRM succesfully migrated to Hitit"™s departure control system Crane DCS


Global GSRM succesfully migrated its departure control system to the Crane DCS system developed and operated by Hitit Computer Services. In spring both parties signed an agreement that Global GSRM migrated its system to Hitit"™s Crane DCS. After several tests run Global GSRM has completed the migration. Global GSRM is using Hitit"™s departure control system at Frankfurt and Munich Airports.

After several airlines who decided for Hitit"™s Crane departure control system, Global GSRM in Frankfurt is the first ground handling customer of Hitit CS. The new departure control system used by Global GSRM is run and operated by Hitit Computer Services in Istanbul. All Global GSRM locations are connected via a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution with Hitit"™s operations centre Istanbul. "This migration is a milestone for Hitit as Global GSRM is our first ground handling client", said Nur Gokman, CEO of Hitit CS.

Before the migration both companies worked through an intensive training schedule with Global GSRM employees being trained at their Frankfurt base. "We are very happy with our new partner Hitit and the succesful migration. Both partners do share the same spirit of young and efficient service providers for the airline industry", said Eugenio Jaime Manzano, Managing Director with Global GSRM. His company is one of the few airline representation companies in the region which can provide sales, marketing, reservations, ticketing, consulting, ground Handling and security services.

Global GSRM GmbH is based in Terminal 2 of Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). The company is a full service provider for airlines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland founded in 2009 as a subsidiary company of Global Airport Services Group which offers international ground handling services in Europe and Latein America since 18 years. Its services are station management, check-in, gate supervision, crew administration, luggage handling, ticket sales and security service.

Founded in 1994, Hitit Computer Services is a provider of new generation airline, airport and travel industry software products and services that support the most complicated and demanding needs of fast growing industry players. While Crane PAX/DCS address reservation, ticketing, check-in, departure control and loyalty management needs, Crane RA, Crane CA, Crane SP, Crane OCC, Crane CREW and Crane ALM address, respectively, revenue accounting, cost accounting, schedule planning, operation control, crew management and tour operator/charter management services. Renowned for its close partnership with its customers, Hitit receives excellent reception for its products and services as well as its excellent customer care.

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