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He was asked to fix a bankrupt airline. Instead, he changed the way we fly


In the history of airline pioneers, William Franke is a name most airline passengers have probably never heard.

But the 80-year-old managing partner of Indigo Partners in Phoenix is considered by many industry experts as the man most responsible for the creation of the ultra-low-cost carrier in the U.S. His private equity group has invested in and overhauled airlines including Spirit and Frontier, which offer dirt-cheap fares with a long menu of passenger fees.

The success of such carriers has forced American, United, Delta and other major airlines to reexamine how they do business to compete.

Although the passenger fees have raised complaints from passengers, Franke says he is confident that Americans eventually will become accustomed to the new model. Here is an edited version of The Time"™ interview with Franke…

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