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Airlines see strong Q3 performance despite dip


Initial financial data shows that global airlines’ profitability remained robust in the third quarter, albeit easing slightly from a year ago. A sample of 26 airlines analysed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed a 16.3% margin in earnings before interest and taxes (Ebit) in July-September, down from 18.2% in the same period last year.

Asia-Pacific was the only of four geographical regions whose airlines displayed upward increase in the Ebit margin, to 14.7% from 11.9% previously to match that of North American airlines.

European carriers, despite easing a little, have the highest margin, at 20.3%, from 22.2% a year ago.

North American airlines’ Ebit margin dropped to 14.8% from 17.5%, according to the latest IATA financial monitor report.

Highlighting the challenging operating conditions in the region, the performance of Latin American carriers lagged, with a margin of 8.1%, from 10.7% earlier…

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