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American Airlines is 2017 ATW Airline of the Year
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American Airlines is 2017 ATW Airline of the Year

American Airlines has been named the recipient of the 2017 ATW Airline of the Year, taking the top honor of the 43nd annual ATW Airline Industry Achievement Awards.

American Airlines was selected by ATW"™s editorial board in recognition of the phenomenal achievements by American"™s leadership and employees this past year. The integration of American and US Airways was practically flawless despite it being the largest, most complex airline merger in history, editors noted. And throughout the integration process, American has maintained a close eye on delivering profitability and shareholder return while also investing more than $3 billion in new customer products and services that include greater onboard connectivity, new entertainment and dining choices, upgraded lounges and new city pair services. American is also spending billions more to upgrade its fleet with hundreds of new aircraft.

"The creation of the "˜New American"™ has been a remarkable journey for employees, customers and investors. American Airlines has never been in better shape to deliver more to all of its stakeholders and that is because of the leadership skills of American"™s executive team and the dedication and hard work of its employees around the world," ATW editor-in-chief Karen Walker said.

"It was another phenomenal year for American Airlines, and all the credit goes to our team," American chairman and CEO Doug Parker said. "Our 120,000 team members completed several crucial integration milestones, launched 67 new routes, took delivery of 115 new aircraft, and much more "“ all while running a solid operation and taking great care of our customers. While we still have much to accomplish, we"™re incredibly proud of the work these men and women are doing every day to restore American as the greatest airline in the world”…

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