Boeing, Turkish Airlines Announce Order for Three 777 Freighters

Boeing [NYSE:BA] and Turkish Airlines announced that the carrier ordered three more 777 Freighters in December 2017. The new order came weeks after the carrier took delivery of two of the large cargo jets as part of its plan to further expand its freight business. «These freighter orders will surely contribute to our significant target […]

Mobil Jet Oil II Used in Latest COMAC C919 Test Flight

ExxonMobil congratulates COMAC on the maiden voyage of its second C919 airliner, the first Chinese-built large passenger aircraft to enter the market. Supported by Mobil Jet Oil II, COMAC"™s second C919 test aircraft took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on December 17. The first maiden C919 test flight, which occurred on May 5, 2017, […]

Jet de fabricación china inicia primer vuelo en ruta regional

El primer avión de producción china para rutas regionales, el ARJ21, empezó hoy miércoles su primer servicio en rutas regionales. El jet voló desde Chengdu, la capital de la provincia suroccidental de Sichuan, hasta la ciudad de Shangrao, ubicada en la provincia oriental de Jiangxi. La ruta será operada los miércoles, jueves y sábados de […]

American Airlines president takes the long view

Confidence abounds at the headquarters of American Airlines, the world"™s biggest carrier, where the CEO recently declared that his company would never lose money again. And why not? U.S. airlines are enjoying a golden age. Strong travel demand, cheaper jet fuel and fewer competitors are combining to push profits sky-high. The No. 2 man at […]

Qantas to be first to bio-fly from US to Australia

Qantas will operate the world"™s first biofuel flight between the United States and Australia early in the new year in collaboration with World Fuel Services and Altair Fuels. Qanta"™ new Dreamliner is being powered by Brassica Carinata (carinata), a non-food, industrial type of mustard seed that has been around for years but is seeing increased […]

Mexican airline interested in buying Russian MC-21 passenger jet

The Mexican carrier Interjet is interested in acquiring Russian MS-21 aircraft, company president Miguel Aleman Velasco told RIA Novosti. "We are very interested in the MC-21, because its components are lighter, it consumes less fuel"¦ Its engines are from North America, but we hope that Russia will make its own engines, which will make the […]

KLM honors Dutch aviation pioneer as its last Fokker jet nears retirement

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines throws a party on its anniversary each year to introduce the latest addition to the carrier"™s most sought-after complimentary in-flight amenities: a miniature version of a Dutch house, made from Delft Blue pottery and filled with a popular Dutch gin Bols Genever. More than 1 million miniature houses a year are […]

Turkish aerospace company signs new Airbus contract

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has signed a contract to design and manufacture fan cowls for the Airbus S. A. S., the company announced Monday. In a statement, the TAI said the deal covers the design, build and supply of "Pratt and Whitney (PW) Nacelle Fan Cowl" for the bestselling A320 Neo Aircraft. The company did […]

Boeing aventaja a Airbus con 158 pedidos más en el primer semestre

La compañía estadounidense cerró la feria aeronáutica de París 2017 con compromisos de compra para 571 nuevos aviones, mientras que el fabricante francés consiguió 346. Boeing ha logrado pedidos para la fabricación de 361 aviones comerciales, excluidas 46 cancelaciones hasta el 27 de junio, frente a los 203 pedidos netos de su rival Airbus, que […]