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Airspace modernisation to boost European economy, says IATA

abril 13, 2016

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has conducted a study revealing that airspace modernisation will add one million jobs and a €245bn boost to the European economy in 2035.

At present, European air traffic supports 11.7 million jobs as well as $860bn of European gross domestic product (GDP).

However, European airlines travel on average about 50km longer than required, and are therefore delayed by nearly 10 minutes per flight.

According to a study conducted by SEO Economic Research, these inefficiencies are expected to cost the European economy €245bn in 2035, if requisite measures are not taken.

IATA director general and CEO Tony Tyler said: “Air traffic management inefficiency is not just a burden for airlines.

“Travellers suffer wasted time from delays. The environment suffers from avoidable emissions. And businesses face reduced productivity. Combined, all of this has a cost on Europe’s competitiveness.”

Europe has been carrying out plans to improve air traffic management through its Single European Sky (SES) project.

The SES project aims to provide a threefold increase in capacity, increase safety by a factor of ten, and reduce environmental impact and costs by 10% and 50%, respectively.

Tyler added: “Europe has failed in achieving the SES goals. Despite a strong European Commission vision and push for SES, national interests have prevailed…

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