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ALTA recognition program for airline providers

octubre 4, 2016

The objective of the program is to provide suppliers with information from airlines in the Latin America and Caribbean region on their level of satisfaction with various suppliers. The program will focus on four key areas, including delivery time, quality, documentation, and customer service. Each of these areas will be evaluated on a scale of 1 – 5 (bad, regular, good, very good, and excellent).

ALTA began the program by sending airlines a consolidated list of providers who participated in ALTA’s 2016 CCMA & Aircraft MRO conference. Each airline will select 40 – 50 suppliers from this list to review. The first assessment process started September 15, 2016, and airlines must submit their results to ALTA by March 15, 2017. ALTA will present the results within 15 days following this deadline. ALTA will consolidate the information received from the airlines and average the results of each attribute to determine final scores. An overview of results will be presented in alphabetical order by supplier company names. Companies will be recognized for scores of greater than 80% (4/5 points) and scores of 50% or lower (2.5/5) will receive an invitation for improvement. At the discretion of the airlines, ALTA may provide suppliers a report of their individual results. ALTA and the airlines will work with those providers receiving low scores to monitor and improve. The program will be conducted semi-annually with the second evaluation process beginning on April 1, 2017.

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