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Passengers at Dubai airports to pay excise tax


Dubai Duty Free (DDF) confirmed on Monday that both departing and arriving passengers at Dubai"™s airports will pay an excise tax on carbonated drinks and energy drinks in line with the UAE"™s implementation of the tax.
Just like the rest of the country, passengers at Dubai"™s airports will pay a tax of 50 per cent on carbonated drinks and a tax of 100 per cent of energy drink in line with the Federal Tax Authority"™s guidelines.

As for tobacco products, which are also taxed under the excise duty, passengers arriving into Dubai will only pay the tax if they purchase more than 400 cigarettes. In a statement to Gulf News, DDF did not clarify whether departing passengers will pay a tax on tobacco products.
"On arrivals duty free, the same [tax charge] will apply on carbonated drinks (50 per cent) and energy drinks (100 per cent).

Excise duty on tobacco

Excise duty will only be charged on tobacco if the buyer exceeds the current allowance of 400 cigarettes, in which case the passenger would pay 100 per cent excise duty on the additional only…

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