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UATP: msts selected to facilitate IATA Easypay system in 24 markets
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UATP: msts selected to facilitate IATA Easypay system in 24 markets

Multi Service Technology Solutions (MSTS) has won a contract to a newly launched remittance service that modernizes payments between accredited travel agencies and airlines.

MSTS has been awarded 24 of IATA"™s Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) markets, and it will process payments in those markets by partnering with UATP, the airline-owned travel payment technical solution provider. IATA EasyPay is scheduled to launch with MSTS in four waves, starting with Canada, Hong Kong and Macau in the fourth quarter of 2017. All 24 of MSTS"™s markets are expected to roll out by the end of 2019.

"MSTS has nearly 40 years of proven expertise in providing global payment solutions for the aviation industry. We look forward to working with UATP to deliver a cost-effective e-wallet solution that allows for greater payment flexibility for travel agents and faster, more secure payments to airlines," said Senior Vice President, Martha Salinas, MSTS.

The solution is expected to be well received in countries where cash is the most prevalent payment method for ticket purchases. IATA EasyPay will support a new simpler form of agent accreditation and allows agents to reduce their financial security requirements, enabling them to sell beyond their cash capacity…

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