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You know: How dirty surfaces are in a plane? You See also you


1. How did you get the idea develop Germfalcon?

Our inventor is a physician and he was familiar using UVC for disinfection in hospitals. He was curious about airlines’ sanitation procedures and found out there wasn’t a great method available to them.

2. According to your researches, it is heavily contaminated the inside of an airplane?

According to our research, planes are filthy. The most highly affected areas are tray tables, overhead controls, seatback tops, armrests and lavatories. A normal tray table is comparable to a gymnasium floor.

3. The airline industry is doing something about this?

Airlines would like to change their reputation for being full of germs but until now have had no effective way to sanitize their aircraft. The Germfalcon gives them that ability for the first time.

4. What are you doing to raise awareness of this problem?

Passengers and airlines are aware of the problem. Our focus has been on raising awareness of this unique solution. We have reached out directly to airlines around the world and have had uniformly warm receptions.

5. Do you think that Germfalcon is an optimal tool for preventing the spread of disease?

Yes. Germfalcon is the most efficient and effective product that has ever been available to airlines. It will ensure passengers will board a disinfected plane, similar to hotel toilets banded with “sanitized for your protection”.

6. What is the latest innovation in this area and what’s next?

Germfalcon is definitely the latest innovation in the cabin surface sanitization space. Our friend Raymond Wang in Canada is working to develop an air compartmentalization system for airplanes to protect passengers from each other. Boeing is developing the clean lav incorporating UVC to instantly disinfect lavatories on new aircrafts.


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