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American Airlines Adds Cargo Capacity to Carry Critical Goods
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American Airlines Adds Cargo Capacity to Carry Critical Goods

American Airlines is expanding its cargo capacity to help transport critical goods during the coronavirus outbreak.

The airline will provide more than 5.5 million pounds of capacity this month to help transport life-saving medical supplies and materials to the U.S., including personal protective equipment, pharmaceuticals, automotive equipment, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, mail and electronics.

“The air cargo industry plays a critical role in pulling the world together in times of crisis, and it takes all of us to get the job done,” said Rick Elieson, president of cargo and vice president of international operations. “With the expansion of American’s cargo-only flights, we have more capacity to bring critical medical supplies and protective gear to the areas that need it most. We also play a key role in transporting essential goods to keep the world’s economy moving. I take immense pride in all the ways our airline and our industry are responding to make a difference when the world needs us most.”

The airline began running cargo-only flights in March between Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Frankfurt (FRA).

It was the first time that they had done so since 1984, and the flights were carrying mail for active U.S. military, telecommunications equipment and electronics to support communities impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis around the globe…

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