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Avianca resumes the Quito-Bogotá route
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Avianca resumes the Quito-Bogotá route

This Friday, the first flight of the Avianca airline flights arrived at the Quito International Airport from Bogotá, once the Government of Colombia lifted the restrictions on international passenger flights in that country.

The Quito-Bogotá route is one of the most important in the region for both business and tourism flights and has historically been one of the most demanded international connections by passengers at Quito’s airport. In 2019, 17% of the total passengers on international flights registered in Quito traveled on this route.

According to the information shared by Avianca, between 2018 and 2019, the airline evidenced a 20% growth in sales while the load factor for 2019 reached 82%.

Avianca resumes its operation with 3 weekly flights between Bogotá and Quito. As of October 15 they will be increased to 4 weekly operations and for the 30th of the same month a daily flight will be offered.

“Resuming operations on the Quito-Bogotá route is very important for us since, through our main hub, we connect our passengers with dozens of destinations in the Americas and Europe. It is also the gateway to destinations within Colombia where many passengers travel for tourism, work or family visits. Although the resumption will be gradual in line with the existing demand, today we are reconnecting families, businesses, and dreams with strict security protocols at all stages of the flight”, commented Juan Francisco Ortiz, Avianca Airport Manager in Ecuador.

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Requirements to travel to Colombia

The Government of Colombia has issued an entry protocol that must be followed by all travelers.

· Presentation of a negative PCR result for coronavirus carried out up to 96 hours before the trip.

· Migration control process through the Check-Mig application on the Colombian Migration website https://www.migracioncolombia.gov.co/, completed within 24 hours and up to one hour before the flight.

· Download the Coronapp application, created by the Government of Colombia, which allows citizens to report their health status prior to the flight and during the 14 days after it.

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