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Delta Becomes First US Airline to Install Hand Sanitizer Stations Onboard
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Delta Becomes First US Airline to Install Hand Sanitizer Stations Onboard

Delta Air Lines has been leading the way in terms of health and safety amid the coronavirus pandemic but the airline continues to look for new ways to promote cleanliness, announcing this week that it will become the first U.S. airline to install hand sanitizer stations onboard each of its aircraft.

Beginning Friday with the carrier’s Boeing 757-200 fleet and pending final FAA approval, Delta will install the stations equipped with PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer near the boarding door and bathrooms on every one of its aircraft. Depending on aircraft size, each Delta aircraft will have up to five separate hand sanitizer stations.

In addition to the hand sanitizer stations, Delta said that passengers will also notice flight attendants wiping down high-touch surfaces in lavatories frequently during each flight as well as hands-free features once inside. Travelers flying on Delta’s A350s, A330-900neos, 767-400s and 757-200s will find touchless faucets, flush levers and waste lids.

What’s more, hand-washing reminders have already been installed on more than 130 Delta planes, with every aircraft in the carrier’s fleet soon featuring hand-washing reminders inside of their lavatories. Like many competitors, Delta continues to use electrostatic sprayers to ensure that every interior surface is thoroughly sanitized prior to boarding…

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