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Hawaiian Airlines to restart US mainland ops in mid-3Q20
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Hawaiian Airlines to restart US mainland ops in mid-3Q20

Hawaiian Airlines (HA, Honolulu) will resume most of its mainland US routes on August 1, 2020, once Hawaiian entry restrictions are relaxed.

The airline suspended the bulk of its mainland routes in late March after Hawaii introduced restrictions effectively banning most mainland and foreign visitors to the state. For the last three months, it has operated three daily flights to the continental US from Honolulu – one each to Los Angeles Int’l, San Francisco, CA, and Seattle Tacoma Int’l – mostly to carry cargo, although seats were also available to passengers. Hawaiian Airlines restarted services to Portland Int’l on July 1 with San Diego Int’l and Sacramento Int’l to follow on July 15.

Starting on August 1, Hawaiian will restart flights from Honolulu to Boston, New York JFK, Las Vegas McCarran, Phoenix Sky Harbor, San José, CA, and Oakland…

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