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United Airlines To Fly To Auckland With The Boeing 787-10
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United Airlines To Fly To Auckland With The Boeing 787-10

United Airlines is set to fly one of their Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners all the way to New Zealand, replacing the older Boeing 777-300ER that currently flies on the route. Being a long-haul destination, the news that the journey will now be completed by a newer and far more comfortable Boeing 787-10 is exciting for United fans.

What are the details?
United has made moves to replace its Boeing 777-300ER with a new Boeing 787-10 on its long-haul San Fransisco to Auckland, New Zealand route.

United is actually the only US airline to use the Boeing 787-10, and likely the only airline to operate this particular aircraft to New Zealand. According to Boarding Area, the current Boeing 777-300ER is “very well-filled”. With 60 Bussiness class seats, 24 premium economy and 266 economy seats, the 777-300ER actually fits more passengers than the slightly smaller 787-10.

In comparison, the 787-10 fits 44 business class seats, 21 premium economy, and 253 economy, passengers. The economy cabin is also only nine across compared to 10 on the 777-300ER.

Why United has reduced capacity on this route is unknown, but if the 777-300ER is regularly filled then likely the fares may increase on this route. It is also a bit concerning that they reduced the business class cabin as this would mean less award availability…

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