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Viva Air and Caravelo: an alliance that revolutionizes the aviation industry in Latin America
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Viva Air and Caravelo: an alliance that revolutionizes the aviation industry in Latin America

As airlines return to operation and seek immediate and long-term solutions to regain business traveler confidence in air travel, Low Cost airline Viva Air, in association with the travel technology company Caravelo, have developed a new product for the airline’s frequent flyers who can now choose their flight dates on short notice while obtaining significant savings.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and in its commitment to bring innovative products to the aviation industry, Viva Air is deepening its product development strategy to both diversify its business model and maintain stable revenues with the introduction of the new ‘Viva Pass Coupon’. “At Viva we like to increasingly revolutionize the Latin American market and the airline industry with innovative bets. Thanks to this alliance with Caravelo, we are able to develop new products designed for regular travelers who travel several times a year and seek simplicity and adaptability. It is a way to incorporate innovation and best practices from other parts of the world into the options we offer our travelers”, says Lisa Mota-Pinto, Commercial Vice President of the Viva Air Group. «At Viva we are developing different actions that help regain the confidence in passengers to fly with the same or greater frequency than they did before«, she added. 

The airline seeks to impact the segment of recurring travelers who travel more than three times a year for business, vacations or to visit relatives in other cities. The launch of the ‘Viva Pass Coupon’ as the first subscription model, expects to generate 12,000 customers in the first year and provides the benefit to frequent travelers of obtaining a fixed price on their flights, and the possibility of defining the date up to three days before flight, without worrying about fluctuating ticket prices. Just four weeks after its launch, sales have exceeded the expectations and sales goals of the company, showing that it is a product that adapts to the needs of the traveler, even in times of Covid-19.  

This new alliance is important for Viva to generate customer loyalty in a market that will be challenging this year. Viva is the second airline in the region to offer this coupon model and is positioning it as a key element in its recovery and acceleration plan for 2020”, explains Iñaki Uriz CEO of Caravelo. “As an example of success, we have the airline Volaris, which launched this same initiative two years ago and has currently generated 30,000 subscriptions. We must do the same to accelerate recovery and create a steady stream of revenue for Viva with this market-friendly solution«.

In this way, the strategy seeks to generate more options for frequent travelers, create loyalty in consumers and generate recurring income that leverages the airline’s operation in the short, medium and long term. The product launch is now available on the website vivapass.vivaair.com and seeks to reactivate aviation at the times that the industry is most in need of it.


Learn more about the new Viva Pass Coupon  

The Viva Pass Coupon is an additional Viva service that allows the traveler to pay in advance for a certain number of airline flights at a guaranteed price, without having to pre-assign the route or date. The flight assignment can be made up to 3 days before the date of departure without paying any rate difference or penalty. This product adapts to the flexibility that the passenger needs and allows him or her to save up to 60% compared to the price of a regular ticket purchased with in advance.


There are two types of Viva Pass Coupon:

o Viva Pass Coupon: Allows the purchase of 5 coupons saving up to 50%

o Viva Pass + Coupon: Allows the purchase of 8 coupons saving up to 60%


There are three types of segments to be used:

– Domestic within Colombia: 21 routes

– Domestic within Peru: 10 routes

– International flights: 3 routes


Either of these two coupon options can be redeemed up to 3 days in advance of the day of the flight, without any extra surcharge for fare difference. Each coupon is equivalent to a one-way trip, or one way, for one (1) passenger. The purchase of a Viva Pass Coupon is personal and non-transferable and cannot be assigned to a third party. This product offers the benefit of savings, and the possibility of guaranteeing a stable base fare of the ticket to later decide when and where to travel. Find details at www.vivaair.com

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