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Viva Air Labs challenges innovators to help incentivise flying
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Viva Air Labs challenges innovators to help incentivise flying

Viva Air, through its Viva Air Labs innovation lab, has issued a challenge to the innovation ecosystem to find solutions that incentivise passengers to return to flying.

The winning proposal, along with a successful implementation of the concept in Colombia, Peru or Miami, destinations where Viva Air flies, will win a $10,000 USD prize provided for third parties prone to innovation.

Amid the rapid propagation of the COVID-19 virus, the Viva Air Labs team is concentrating on finding ideas to mitigate the spread of the virus while at the same time incentivising people to return to the skies. For those interested in participating, the contest is open from now until 16 April, and proposals may be sent by video or in writing to info@vivaairlabs.com.

“At Viva Air Labs, we have always had a policy of openness, where every idea counts and is valued. Furthermore, we are committed to innovation and the development of strategies that benefit both travellers and the industry in general. We want to continue developing initiatives that challenge entrepreneurs, enterprises, and other members of the ecosystem, and bring benefits to the aviation sector, and to tourism. That’s why we have launched a challenge to all sources of ideas to bring our passengers the liberty of travel,” said Clyde Hutchinson, the founder of Viva Air Labs, which is a member of the FTE Innovation & Startup Hub.

The FTE Innovation & Startup Hub – the first-ever air transport innovation network – also counts the likes of United Airlines, Hong Kong International Airport, Japan Airlines, Vancouver irport Authority, Southwest Airlines and Los Angeles World Airports among its portfolio of Corporate Partners…

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