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Stansted trials compostable security bags
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Stansted trials compostable security bags

London Stansted has begun trialling fully compostable bags for passengers carrying liquids in their hand luggage.

The airport says it currently gets through 11 million bags per year.

It has 50,000 of the compostable bags to give out this week.

Passengers have been required to put all liquids, aerosols and gels in clear bags since 2006.

Stansted said the bags have been approved by the Department for Transport and Civil Aviation Authority.

The concept was put forward by three Stansted security employees; Daniel Bryan, Carol Morgan and Edita Andrews.

Passengers will have the option of using regular plastic bags, but will be encouraged to re-use them in future.

Stansted will also be encouraging people to bring refillable bottles to use at its water fountains, and will seek views on topics such as carbon offsetting and public transport access.

It says it has already cut down on waste by donating over 15 tonnes of items surrendered at security to local food banks, giving out 1,500 reusable water bottles and increasing the number of water refill stations at the airport…

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