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The GTA Could Actually Be Getting A Massive New Airport To Rival Pearson
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The GTA Could Actually Be Getting A Massive New Airport To Rival Pearson

2020 is already shaping up to be a big year for the Durham region. It was announced on Friday that the area could finally see the construction of a long-proposed Pickering airport this year, a move that is expected to reignite the vicious battle between the area’s politicians and residents.

Speculations on the airport have grown recently after local politicians began suggesting that the federal government is sitting on an updated report by consulting firm KPMG.

A document that reportedly outlines both the possibility and need for an additional Greater Toronto Area airport.

Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan, a strong supporter of the airport, claimed back in December that he’d received a letter from Marc Garneau, the federal minister of transport, who told him the report was currently in the hands of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

“We believe that it’s going to, from our perspective, give a positive report to move forward with the airport development,” Ryan told Durham Region.com.

“We’re getting broad political and business support that has recognized that the time has come.”

However, although politicians are hoping to jump-start construction of the airport, other members of the community are pushing back and calling on Ottawa to protect the land and kill the project…

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