Aero Norway presents Supplier Award 2016 to Chromalloy

Norway-based engine MRO facility Aero Norway AS has chosen Chromalloy to receive its Supplier Award 2016. Along with forty other repair and spare parts suppliers Chromalloy was measured continuously across a range of criteria including: on time delivery; quality; correct invoices; quality of engineering reports; and shipping costs.

Supplier performance audits in these areas help Aero Norway to choose key supplier/partners and work closely with them to sustain customer support of the highest standard. Ensuring that critical parts arrive on time without quality issues, making certain that these are accompanied by the correct accounting paperwork, and also effectively managing logistics/shipping costs, eases the workload at Aero Norway, leaving the engine MRO facility to focus on other important areas for customers.

Aero Norway rigorously measures all suppliers on a monthly basis and gives feedback accordingly. The monitoring system also enables the organisation to provide genuine and credible opinions when it receives a market feedback analysis request from vendors. Stringent supplier bench-marking is an ongoing process at Aero Norway and part of its commitment to maintaining customer value.

Chromalloy provides commercial airlines and MRO providers like Aero Norway with a wide range of innovative, high-technology repair options that can eliminate scrap, reduce costs and extend the life of high-valued engine components. The Company has more than sixty years of experience in component repair resulting in value-added solutions that reduce operating costs and extend engine life.

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