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Air cargo sector aids Haiti earthquake relief efforts
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Air cargo sector aids Haiti earthquake relief efforts

FedEx and charter broker Air Charter Service have helped move aid into Haiti following the devastating earthquake.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck on August 11 leaving more than 2,000 dead, 12,000 injured and destroying more than 52,000 homes.

As part of relief efforts, FedEx last week transported 79 tons of critical medical supplies for Direct Relief via a dedicated charter flight.

The aircraft was loaded in Memphis with $8m worth of prescription medications, IV solutions, emergency medical backpacks, and other supplies.

The cargo jet landed in Port-au-Prince shortly after 11:00 a.m. local time, where Direct Relief has teams on the ground.

Another dedicated charter flight departed Friday from Memphis bound for Haiti, this time carrying an emergency field response hospital for International Medical Corps.

In addition to these charter flights, FedEx is also working with other relief agencies, including World Central Kitchen and Water Mission to help provide hot meals, clean drinking water, and other necessary supplies to those in Haiti affected by this natural disaster.

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