Air France announces Joon; Luxury airline for millennials

«Joon will not be a low-cost airline» said Air France. «It will offer original products and services that reflect those of Air France.» Skewing toward the high end of the market is an unusual choice for most brands that want millennial dollars, but might be a more natural option for Air France which has traditionally enjoyed a reputation for high quality, especially in first class and premium economy fares.

Joon will be «an authentic and connected offering that stands out in the world of Air Transport» said Air France in its announcement. «Joon provides a complete, innovative and offbeat experience to those who believe travel extends beyond the aircraft… Joon is a lifestyle brand and a state of mind. Short, punchy and international.»

It will be commencing mid-haul flights from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport towards the end of 2017, and long-haul flights in mid 2018.

What will Joon be doing differently?

With an emphasis on providing an «offbeat experience» it’s safe to say travellers can look forward to zany pre-flight safety videos and informal cabin announcements, like Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and many other airlines have done before.

And because millenials are «epicurean and connected», in the words of Air France, it’s safe to say that Joon will offer in-flight Wi-Fi like many other airlines…

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