Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Market Set to Grow Exponentially During the Forecast, 2027

Aircraft ground support equipment and vehicles are used to transport passengers, freight & baggage and support repair & maintenance functions. In airports, equipment fall into two broader categories, i.e. land side (passenger entry side of airport) and air side (boarding/departure side). Ground support equipment includes vehicles used for fueling on the air-side and airplane maintenance. Aircraft ground support equipment doesn"™t include aircraft engine maintenance.In California, most airports have internal combustion engines (ICE) powered aircraft ground support equipment. Owing to stringent emission norms in North America and Europe, electric aircraft ground support equipment is made available by most of its manufacturers. There are many airports in various countries with a high percentage of aircraft ground support equipment (electric). For example, the Denver International Airport was designed for all electric ground support equipment. Similarly, Logan International Airport (Boston) progressed and switched from ICE to electric aircraft ground support equipment.

Aircraft ground support equipment could be owned by cargo handlers, airports, airlines, management companies or parcel & mail companies. Airports usually own stationary infrastructure and lease equipment with airlines…

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